Children's Christmas Story Writing Competition

We were surprised and delighted to receive 78 entries! Of course, that made choosing the winners even harder, as there was some magic in every story; the spark of imagination, fantastic ideas, great opening lines, amazing detail, joyful messages.

So big thank you to teachers, leaders and parents who gave support and especially to all the young writers.


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Joint 1st

Gold-Heart Girl


There was a little girl named Bonnie. She was eight years old, she absolutely adored Christmas, it was her favourite time of year. It was 19th December, it was a very damp and dull day but Bonnie was so excited to go Christmas shopping with her family.

Bonnie and her family were going into town to buy the last of their Christmas presents. They visited many shops and before they knew it the day had passed by. As they were leaving the last shop Bonnie was starting to get hungry so the family decided to eat out, as the sun had set and the day was coming close to an end. They decided to go to Bonnie’s favourite restaurant called Rushi that was just around the corner.

The whole family loved their meal and decided to head home. As they were leaving the restaurant, Bonnie spotted a man sat on the wet concrete floor, huddled in a ball, shivering. The man had black hair, ripped jeans and a long grey beard. Bonnie felt really sorry for him but it was time to go and the family travelled home.

The next day, Bonnie couldn’t stop thinking about the poor man she’d seen the day before. She wanted to help so she came up with a fabulous plan. Bonnie asked her mum if there was any left over jobs to do some spare bits of change she could have. Over the next few days she managed to save a total of £36.85.

It was Christmas Eve and Bonnie begged her mum to go back into town. Her mum agreed and on the way there she told her mum about the poor man what she wanted to do. Her mum agreed and took her to Tesco. She managed to buy a cosy hat, scarf, gloves, water, freshly made turkey sandwich, warm jumper and some fluffy thick socks.

After that, they went to find him. Luckily, he was still in the same place. They walked to him. Bonnie knelt down, introduced herself and wished him a Merry Christmas. She handed him the things she had bought and it put a huge smile on his face.
“What a lovely thing to do, you have a heart of gold,” the man said with his face glowing.

Her family was so proud of her as her kind gesture helped someone in need at the most magical time of year.

by Ellie Farhoudi, aged 9

Christmas Mystery

It was a cold winter’s night, and the snowflakes were falling gently from the sky, covering the town in a blanket of white. The streets were empty and the houses were covered with twinkling lights and festive decorations. Christmas was just around the corner. You could feel excitement in the air.

In a small cottage on the edges of town lived a gorgeous young girl. She was a curious and imaginative child, always seeking adventure and mystery. This Christmas she had a feeling that something extraordinary was going to happen. As she sat by the fire, sipping hot chocolate, she noticed a small, beautifully wrapped gift sitting on the fireplace. She couldn’t recall seeing it there before, and her curiosity took the best of her. Who could have left this mysterious gift for her?

She carefully unwrapped the present. Inside, a note said, “Follow the clues and you will find the best treasure ever”she loved solving puzzles and riddles, this was an opportunity she couldn’t resist. The first clue led her to the old oak tree in the park she approached, she noticed a small envelope tucked between the branches. Inside read a riddle: “In the magical place of town where dreams come true find the place where wishes are made.”

She immediately knew where to go. So she rushed to the town square, where an extraordinary Christmas tree stood. Underneath, she found another clue in the snow which said, “To find the next clue, you will follow the star shining brightly from the sky.” She looked up and followed the bright star in the distance. It looked to be leading her to the abandoned toy factory on the edge of town.

As she entered the factory she felt a chill run down her. The air was filled with a sense of mystery. Inside, she discovered a room filled with broken toys. She saw a small box that was locked. The next clue was hidden inside but she needed to find the key. She searched high and low until she stumbled upon a dusty old chest. Inside, she found a key that fit perfectly into the lock.

She opened the box to find a letter. Reading, the final clue said, “The greatest treasure lies within your heart. Share the joy and love and the mystery shall unravel.”

Her heart swelled with the warmth of understanding the true Christmas message.

by Lacey, aged 10


Joint 2nd


It was Christmas Eve at Mistletoe Farm. Hope, Joy and Holly were getting their horses, Noel, Pudding and Winter ready to go on a ride through the snowy woods.

“We need to get going soon,” said Joy eagerly.
“Yeah, it’s going to get dark quite soon,” replied Hope.
The three girls set off down the frosty lane and into the woods.
Ten minutes into the ride, Holly heard bells in the distance. “Did you hear that?” she shouted to her friends.
“Hear what?” they both answered.
“It was the sound of bells ringing. Let’s go and find what it is!”

Soon they heard the noise again.
“It’s over there, I think,” said Holly as she followed the noise to an opening in the woods. There in front of them was a red hat, red suit, a white beard and black boots.
It was Father Christmas.

“Aren’t you supposed to be delivering presents?” questioned Joy.
“I am supposed to be, but my sleigh crashed and my chief reindeer and two others were hurt,” said Father Christmas as he panicked.
“We can help you!” said Holly excitedly.
“Sure,” said Father Christmas.

The girls and Father Christmas started to fix the sleigh with pieces of wood from the forest. When it was fixed, they got the reindeer and checked them over. They were too injured to be able to fly the sleigh tonight. Father Christmas sat down on a log with his head in his hands.
“What are we going to do?” he exclaimed.
Joy jumped up and said, “I know what to do! You can use our horses to pull the sleigh.”
“But they can’t fly,” said Hope.
Father Christmas started to smile. “I can help with that. I have some magic apples that help the reindeer fly. It might help your horses too.”

They hooked Winter, Pudding and Noel onto the sleigh with the other reindeer. Noel was going to be the chief for the night. Father Christmas looked in a mini sack and found the apples. He fed them to the horses and slowly they started to lift off the ground. The girls hopped in the sleigh and off they went. Father Christmas dropped the girls off at Mistletoe Farm and said, “Don’t worry, they will be back by the morning.”

That night the girls lay in bed imagining what their horses were up to. They woke up on Christmas morning and ran to the stables before opening their presents.
“Where are they?” asked Hope, looking at the empty stables. Just then they turned around and they saw Father Christmas with all three horses and his rested reindeer.
“There you are! Can you stay for Christmas dinner?” asked Holly.
“I’m sorry but I have to go,” said Father Christmas. “Thank you for all your help. Merry Christmas everyone.” He set off on his journey back to the North Pole.
The girls went back to their houses wondering what adventure they will have next year.

by Alice Marsden, aged 9

My Christmas Story

Christmas enters the village. Everyone is so happy going ice skating, making snow angels and snowmen. What James asked for was the world’s cuddliest Giraffe. He had put it on his letter to Father Christmas. On Christmas morning when James opened his eyes, he raced to his parents’ bedroom. After opening his presents the Giraffe was nowhere. It was not in the stocking. James was not happy. He checked with his mum and dad He was determined to have the giraffe, he was sure it would be somewhere, so he went on a Christmas journey to find it.

As he went on his adventure dusk had weaved its evening spell. James could hear the wind screaming through his ears like a lost soul. He saw a happy snowman. The snowman was wearing a bow tie and had buttons made of coal. His arms were made from broom handles and he had a smile on his face that made him look very jolly. But he felt like he was staring at James him in horror, like the snowman knew James was in danger. Panicked, he turned to run but twenty grey wolves blocked his path, howling like a broken whistle. He looked at the long way back to his village and he felt even more terrified now and jumped as high as a cat. He turned back and saw all the wolves running as fast as cheetahs back to their homes. He ran further into the forest as terrified as a mouse, looking back at the wolves, wondering where they were going in such a hurry. A violent scraping sound filled his ears, and he realised the village gates were CLOSING. He ran and RAN. He zoomed past the jolly snowman. AND… BAAAAAM. He made it. But how? It was a miracle. As James walked into the village as dark as night he felt all alone. He could only see one light and it was so bright that it was like the sun if you looked right into it. James didn’t like it at all. He heard a scream for his name. The scream was as faint as anything he’d heard. He saw a shadow in the light and he screamed. It was his mum and dad with a torch. He felt so.. so.. relieved. A happy tear came down his face as he squeezed them as tight as he possibly could. He begged them to take him back home and they did.

As soon as James got back to his cosy warm home, his dad asked him to put the stockings back into the loft. James was so happy to be home, he would gladly do any chore. His mind drifted back to his disappointment from earlier when he didn’t get the present he had hoped for. He collected up the stockings to take them upstairs and noticed that one stocking felt heavy then the others. He checked inside and could not believe his eyes, staring up at him with the world’s cuddliest giraffe!!! This was the best Christmas ever!!!!!!

The End

by Rhett Morris, aged 7


Cheeky Elves

Once upon a time in the cosy little village of the North Pole, Fifi and Flo were two very cheeky elves who loved a good prank. Christmas Eve had arrived, and there was a lot of excitement in the air. Father Christmas and his elves were preparing for the Big Night.

But Fifi and Flo had a plan of their own. They tiptoed into the reindeer barn and snuck into the Christmas sleigh just as Father Christmas’s sack was filled with all its presents.

As the clock struck midnight, just before Father Christmas could get in his sleigh, Fifi and Flo took the reins and sleigh off into the night sky, leaving behind a trail of glitter, onwards to far-off lands.

They flew to New Zealand first, spreading the holiday cheer below everyone in the world, eating the treats left for Father Christmas, leaving the presents in the bathroom and rearranging the Christmas trees.

From Australia where they made igloos in the sand, to the great Wall of China where they left footprints in the snow.

They flew back to the North Pole and couldn’t wait to tell everyone about their night. Father Christmas said he enjoyed the break and they can help him again next year.

That night the North Pole had a party and celebrated.

by Sofia Lawton, aged 8,

The Christmas Puppy

Once upon a time there was a little Christmas puppy named Bosco.

It was the 20th of December and Sevi and Bosco had gone out to find a Christmas tree. Bosco ran ahead and found the best Christmas tree ever.

Sevi picked it up and took it home, but Bosco noticed a green face poking out the side. IT WAS A GREMLIN!

Bosco tried to tell Sevi, but Sevi did not understand him. Then Bosco remembered something. Auryn could speak ANIMAL!

Bosco ran home as fast as he could, bounding through the deep snow.

Finally, he got home. Bosco ran to Auryn, and Bosco told him, “There’s a gremlin in our Tree! Do you know what to do?”

“No, I don’t,” said Auryn. “But Sevi does.”
Bosco jumped in excitement. “Let’s do it! Let’s do it!” Shouted Bosco.

Auryn told Sevi about the gremlin in the tree. Then Sevi whispered something to Bosco. Bosco jumped up and down then ran over to the tree. “Gremlin please come down.”

“No, and why should I?” scowled the gremlin.

“Because Santa won’t bring you any presents,” said Bosco.

The gremlin froze for a second, looked at Bosco and said “Ok I’ll come down, but where can I live instead?”

Bosco laughed and said “Don’t mind all that business, you can live with us!”

Then that night they decorated the tree. Bosco asked if he could put the lights on. Sevi said he couldn’t because they were electric. Bosco understood.

Just then Auryn said “Gremlin, would you like to put the star on the tree?”

“Yes please!” squeaked gremlin.

After that they all went to bed excited that Christmas was only 5 days away!

The end.

 by Sevi Riddle-Paciusko, aged 7

We had a lovely time visiting the schools, meeting the children and teachers and giving thanks & prizes!

Ellie Farhoudi (joint 1st) receiving her prize
at St Andrew’s Jr School

Rhett Morris (joint 2nd) receiving his prize
at Padfield CC

Sofia Lawton (commended) receiving her prize
at All Saints CVA

Lacey Redfern (joint 1st) receiving her prize
at St Andrew’s Jr School

Alice Marsden (joint 2nd) receiving her prize
at All Saints CVA

Sevi Riddle-Paciusko (commended)
receiving her prize at Simmondley Primary School

We are looking forward to providing even more fun activities for children.

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